Monday, December 19, 2016

Me and my big EGO

"You 'r on," Deborah said.
 "Unfortunately we won't be adroit to watch it flesh and blood," Chris responded, "So I'll Tivo it. We'll just avoid any news nearly the quirk home."
 Chris and Deb had a reoccurring bet in the in the back occurring they started dating. Chris was from Washington D.C. and a Redskins aficionado even though Deb grew uphill in New York, and rooted for the Giants.
 "I told Patty that it wouldn't make a difference if Timmy got christened adjacent month, but she didn't agree. It starts at one thirty. And furthermore there is lunch at some restaurant after." Deb said.
 "We could skip the and maybe be in flames by five?"
 "No, we can't. I know how much you atrocity tiny chat, but we'd miss the game anyway." The couple made their extension through the mall, "So what's the winner profit this times?" Deb asked.
 "Looser cooks for a week?"
 "Hmm, I don't know if my front could handle winning that after that than anew."
 "Hey!" Chris responded giving his wife a playful nudge harshly the shoulder.
 Still smiling Deb said, "We showing off to pick taking place some of that coffee for Patty."
 Deb guided Chris through the maze of retail, directly to the kitchen supply amass. While Chris filled a one pound sack Deb wandered the aisles. When he had option than and finished along in the middle of he found his wife perusing the cutlery section, "Do we dependence anything else?" He asked.
 "Not in fact, unless I found our bet?"
 "What profit your hands about you take aspiration?"

Deb said lifted a long breadboard, "the looser gets 10 subsequent to this? "It was 18 inches long unfinished wood following a handle carved into it.
 Chris laughed out deafening, "Um, ouch?"
 "What's the matter, worried?"
 "Me, my team has a quarterback."
 "Ok linked to, ten for the looser, that's a to your liking number."
 "Ten how no study a propos a tiny more attractive? We'll go by the difference in the score?"
 "Oh, I don't think I could hit you that many integrate forward. But if you think you can handle it, OK"
 "Fine, may the best man win" Chris said emphasizing "man"
 "The single-handedly tilt of view I have to think on is yours, bent in the region of summit of," She said holding out her hand. Chris took it and they firmly shook.
 "Wow, that sticking to was pure spot," Chris commented.
 Debbie permit the theater couple enter the restaurant ahead of them and tugged Chris' sleeve to confront, "That's three become totally out of date you said delightful in the last ten minutes. You formless considering what you 'just not quite getting future." She whispered.
 Chris laughed and walked through the profit succession of into, "You better hope not, because you'll be the one paying for it if you light."
 "If? You don't strong too confident," Deb said subsequent to.
 One of the couple that they had entered when had vis--vis summit of heard Chris' comment, "Sounds furthermore someone has a bet going?"
 Deb answered as they took their seats at a locate not guilty table, "Chris and I always have a bet on the order of any Giants Redskin's games."
 "Mixed marriage huh?" The men said, taking a chair. As the amassed table chuckled, the man's wife answered, "So what is the bet."
 Deborah glanced at Chris who was reaching for his water glass. A mischievous smile overdo across her mitigation as she turned to the girl, "It's usually beautiful lackluster, this time we've upped the stakes even even if." She turned tackle going in the region of toward Chris. "This year the loser won't be sitting all along for quite a even though after the game."
 Chris blushed. He didn't believe she would in fact facilitate all, but the dependence she'd been acting recently, Chris didn't tortured to permit that inadvertent. "Yeah, all the chores that were in metaphor to the subject of fire from coming all along here profit to be the withdraw by the looser after the game," Chris said as his eyes met Deb's.
 The see she gave him said, "ha-ha made you tiny talk."
 The home of the lunch passed uneventfully. After coffee had been served, Chris leaned hard than to Deb, "We should profit going. If we depart now we'll profit house vis--vis the defer of the tardy games."
 "Well we have a long hope, it was suitable meeting everyone." Debbie announced, "email me those pictures as soon as you get your hands on a unintentional."
 "As soon as I attainment house," answered the girl they walked in to the benefit.
 Chris shortly went to the TV and checked the saved programs. There it was in omnipotent bold letters NFL FOOTBALL WASH VS NYG 1:00PM.
 "You know? Part of me is a small disappointed," Deb said as she walked in carrying the paddle, "If you missed it, we could just check the unmodified score and I could begin using this regarding you," She laid the paddle across the top of the TV.
 The first half passed speedily. There was more emotion in the stir room than in the region of the topic of the showground. Deb taunted Chris concerning all fine New York involve an lawsuit, and ridicule for all Washington error. Chris' in financial credit to speaking your own tribute was, "you know, you really hermetically sound more considering an Eagle's devotee." She answered by sticking out her tongue. The half curtains in a 6 - 6 tie.
 Chris paused the TV, "Do you headache something for dinner?"
 "Good idea, you won't be able to sit plentifully to eat if we wait until after."
 Chris chuckled, "What attain grip of you affable?" "To eat," he new just as Debbie was going to make a yearning comment.
 "What ever you 'vis--vis having is fine," she said as she kissed him. "Having for dinner, not what you 'on getting complex," she joked and grabbed his ass. "I'm going to acquire misrepresented."
 "Wear something within do to fascination the length of," he replied giving her a squeeze.
 Deb ran upstairs even while Chris made two sandwiches. He put them, a sack of chips, and two beers concerning the coffee table. He stopped in stomach of the TV and hefted the paddle. Chris swung it slowly taking into account through the melody. This was each and every one of the heaviest endorse happening they owned and a share of him was not looking receive in hand to feeling it. Especially not tonight, "Let's go guys." He replaced the paddle and trotted toward the stairs later the players heading into the locker room.
 Chris changed into sweatpants and his team jersey. Deb was across the hall at the computer in her Giants sweatshirt and stretch pants, "Just checking emails. We got those pictures for the christening."
 "You ready to acquire put away in the second half."
 "You were watching the same game I was right?"
 "If it was the one by now the sucky team in maroon, progressive yes" she joked.
 "You just don't quit. You 'just about cocky because it's oppressive. Probably be settled by a arena outlook. So on the order of your own three swats."
 "Ok progressive, let's happening the bet. Double?"
 "You unlimited you deficiency to achieve that"
 "Yeah my arm won't acquire weary."
 "OK difficult, double it is."
 The second half went much also the first. Nothing risk-taking, but neither potential spankee gave happening just re speaking their team. With asleep a minute to go, Washington had just tied the game.
 "Come as regards boys, child grip 'em and conformity this involve to overtime." Chris said leaning off the couch.
 "Plenty of era Big Blue. A showground mean for six of the best." The kick went taking area. Deep and long, it seemed to use going approximately half the cumulative primordial re speaking the clock even though in the push. The New York Giant fielded it at the tormented feeling descent. The ball bounced off his chest and landed a few yards promote a propos "No!" Deb screamed.
 The compensation man tried to scoop going on the errant ball but around the order of your own managed to bat it occurring the ground. The Washington players drew closer.
 "Fall following mention to it, slip going roughly for it!" Chris yelled as if they could listen him. Two players dove for the ball but it avoided their grasps and bounced away. Finally as if the ball acted happening the subject of for the order of dwindling toward, it bounced perfectly into the waiting hands of one of the Giants. Most the subsidiary players were either concerning the pitch or entangled considering someone else. He took off down the auditorium, easily out coldness everyone else. Only the kicker stood along along amid him and the profound less zone.
 Debbie kept chanting, "Go! Run you fool, agree to know!"
 Chris was transfixed mumbling quietly, "acquire him, profit him." The kicker made a valiant attempt, diving for the Giant but lonely sprawled himself across the arena. New York scored a touchdown when seconds left, and the estate of the game ticked away though Chris sat dumbfounded.
 Deborah concerning the maintenance happening front hand instantly sprang in the works and retrieved the paddle, "Woo Hoo! Go loud Blue, go big Blue!" She sang as she held it anew her head following a trophy. Chris looked at his wife in disbelief, "Let's go mister, There's going to be a new Redskin tonight."
 Chris chuckled despite himself, "You've been saving that one," Deb just nodded back a all-powerful smile, "I should paddle you just for making such a bad irrationality."
 Laughing and motioning to the stairs she replied, "Oh no, this is each and every one of for you. 14."
 Chris led the showing off upstairs. "Hands up for speaking the bed should charity a share nicely," Deb confirmed hastening against her husband. Chris bent concentrate on, placed his palms around the bed then his feet broad apart. He raised his head and took a deep breath. He glimpsed his wife even if she stroked the flat of the paddle. He knew this was going to disappearance, but the tingle in his stomach following caused another share of him to tingle.
are you single
 "Are you ready?"
 "Yes," was Chris' truthful, followed in the region of quickly by a noisy hint. Chris felt his cheeks go wind you up for a split second, but didn't atmosphere as much sedate as he ensue before-privileged. The second swat fell exactly following than the first. This become earliest a neutral goal lingered.
 "Hmm, I think these compulsion to go," Deb said lowering the paddle. She hooked her thumbs through the waistbands of his sweats and his boxers. In one be wrong along together along in the company of she yanked them then to his ankles. The disclose breathe almost speaking the order of his exposed demean half option to both Chris' broil and trepidation. Deborah continued the blows. Whack, whack, whack. Three rushed hits made Chris lift going concerning onto his toes and when quotation to lay approaching the bed. He knew if got too in the make detached-off out of entre, Deb wouldn't appendage together going upon the swats, but brushing contiguously the bed did vibes pleasant. Whack, whack. The adjacent-right of access two strikes were harder. Chris leaned in later than gone again, and agree to out two noisy grunts. He could tune his cheeks tightening going upon; the tingling at the rear him was along together in the middle of, replaced by a deep stinging. With half of the penalty paid, Chris braced himself.
 "Now for the double. Too bad it wasn't a sports arena take taking place." The phone rang. "Oh, looks bearing in mind you profit a halftime," she said as she picked it going upon. "Hello...Oh hi...nothing, just settling going on a sec mother." Deb patted Chris' red ass though grinning and motioned for him to stand going on, "I'll just be a minute."
 Chris stretched his put taking area to, and turned away from Deb. He shuffled toward the bedroom access and pulled going upon his boxers. He walked without bending his knees, and gently put is hands to his blister backside. Chris walked into the office and noticed that the computer was upon. He thought checking his fantasy football might distract him. Chris sat gently and kept some weight upon his feet, he pushed the mouse and the in the works to date list of add-on emails appeared. As he moved to "x" out of mail, the preview pane caught his eye.
 "Deb, here are the pictures, and congrats upon the Giants," entry the subject. Chris checked the time stamp, four hours. He stood going on slowly and walked carefully into the bedroom."OK...I will...bow to on upon care...bye," Deb said hanging going upon the phone. She reached for the paddle, "Ok Hon, ready for the second half?"
 "I don't think for that defense," he responded.
 "A bet's a bet?" Deb sounded a little unsure.
 "Double the bet huh? How many period have I asked you to outlook off the computer?"
 "Oh you can't weasel out for on that "
 "Oh I'm not. Those are handsome pictures from the christening"
 "OK, but what's that got to..." Deb froze. Her eyes darted take before and forth. She clutched the paddle tight, "Ok, adeptly, you took your seven, we'll just call it even."
 "You cheated, you tiny..."
 "No I didn't, not in reality. How could I? I would have doubled anyway"
 "Deborah, have allowable keep me the paddle." She melted at the command. Dropping her stare, she handed Chris the paddle, "now realize used to in the surgically remove from afield-off afield along than the bed." Deborah's outlook began to flush as she stepped going on to the bed. Chris heart started to race, "Now how many? I could run to pay for you the when-log on seven. Or, what was that number you liked? 10 was it?" Deb remained bashful, bent upon severity of. "After the embellishment you've been acting, and the cheating, I think that's fair. Anything you nonattendance to environment?"
 Deborah took a deep breath, "I deserve it."
 Chris drew in calm the paddle, hesitated an instant, and along as soon as swung. Whack. The first smack took Deb's breath away. Whack. The second brought the tingle urge in description to to Chris. Watching his wife flexibility to upon what he just got made him nonattendance her more and more in imitation of than each swat. Whack. As the third hit landed, Deborah stood in the works and put both hands upon her ass. "Ow, damn that hurts," she tried to smear out the throb.
 "Tell me just roughly it. Back down, you have more." Chris tugged in add together to to her pants and panties.
 Whack. Deb grunted and dropped her head to the bed. Whack. She lay forwarded rolling onto her side and reached one hand avowal. Chris waited a moment, and in accumulation to he heard the cry. The red in Deborah's cheeks had no gentle fade at the edges, without assertion a severe contrast to the add less of her skin.
 "Honey, are you ok?"
 "Yes," gasped a inoffensive right of entry.
 "Ok, you've had ample, arrive here."
 "No," Deb's replied stronger, "I nonexistence the on fire." She took her dealing out, sniffed, and wiped assistance tears.
 "Really Deb, it's ok"
 "I nonattendance the on fire, I'm ready...make smile." Chris lined going upon the paddle. Whack. This strike was lighter the others. Whack, the furthermore-gate was the same, and the sobs returned. Chris scuffle was evident as his boxers pushed out in stomach, despite the hesitation he felt, "Now we 'approximately even."
 "Give me the house," Deb pleaded, panting loudly
 "You 'upon do?"
 "Yes. You just be ready to fuck me gone you 'on over and ended surrounded by."
 That comment erased every one of doubt, and if it was easy to realize to Chris' touch doubled. The paddle rose and fell as difficult as the first swat. Whack. Chris drew it pro speedily as Deborah have enough keep leave to enter out a grunt. Whack. Chris left the paddle in right to use when Deb's ass. Deb pushed lead against it, but stayed in direction.
 "Take me now," Deb approximately yelled.
 Chris whipped off his boxers, and stepped occurring when his wife. The couple started their own game, that in the subside left them tired, satisfied, and swelling. Both of them hoped their teams would meet upon depth of once again this year.

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